The mission of the Mifflin County Conservation District is to conserve the county’s natural resources through coordinated and professional guidance, technical assistance, and education to the landowners, public agencies, and residents of Mifflin County.


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You're Invited to a RAIN BARREL WORKSHOP in your community!

Come and see what the Mifflin County Conservation District is doing in your local watershed, learn how YOU can help improve water quality in your neighborhood. and build your own rain barrel!

We are holding two separate workshops:

March 19, 10:00-11:30am, Freedom Ave. United Methodist Church

March 22, 6:30-8:00pm, Belleville Senior Center Building

Limited to 15 participants, no cost to attend, materials provided.  To sign up, please contact Trevor Weaver at (717) 248-4695 ext. 106.


Do you have unwanted tires?  If so, here is your opportunity to free up some space in your garage and help PA Cleanways of Mifflin County win the annual tire recycle challenge...






8:00 AM TO 12 PM





$1.00 TO $10.00






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2015 Juniata River Cleanup

This summer the Mifflin County Conservation District completed its fourth consecutive annual Juniata River Cleanup. Cooperating with Mifflin County Cleanways, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, and the Conservation Districts of Juniata and Huntingdon Counties, the District completed a cleanup of the Juniata River.  The cleanup took place on two dates in two different locations (with Huntingdon County cleanup scheduled for August 23) and once again was a major success. 

The Mifflin County Cleanup occurred on August 1st in Granville Township and 30 volunteers removed 284 tires from the river, totaling 4.68 tons of rubber!  This occurred within the same area where 554 tires were removed in 2014.  We are proud to claim that this site is essentially cleaned up and free of discarded tires.  The event was sponsored by the PA Cleanways of Mifflin County.  

On August 8th, the Juniata County Conservation Distrcit completed their cleanup and successfully removed 600 pounds of trash and 171 tires, totaling 4 tons of rubber!  This cleanup was sponsored by Keep Juniata County Beautiful.

To date, the Cleanup has removed 455 tires, totaling 8.69 tons, and 600 pounds of trash.  Stay tuned to see the results of the Huntingdon County Cleanup.

Again, we thank all the volunteers and coordinators that made this event possible in 2015.  Gauging the success we have had the past four years and the momentum this event has gained, we intend to hold this event again in 2016.  Please check back regularly for an announcement of the 2016 Juniata River Cleanup date or contact us for details.

Stream Improving?  See For Yourself

Photo by Philip Gruber, Two-lined salamander

PARADISE, Pa. — Roger Rohrer raises salamanders, dragonflies, deer and raccoons on his farm.

No, he’s not a wildlife breeder — Rohrer raises poultry for Perdue — but he is promoting stream health with a riparian buffer he planted when he bought the farm four years ago.  Click here to read this entire article written by Philip Gruber, featured in Lancaster Farmer...

Fish Habitat and Bank Stabilization Improvements

In concert with Agricultural Best Management Practices (often referred to as BMPs), the Conservation District and landowners are working diligently to improve the quality of streams in Mifflin County by installing fish habitat structures and stabilizing streambanks to provide fish with improved stream conditions.  These improvements are aimed to give trout and other fish species the proper conditions to survive and reproduce. Several of the County's streams currently hold fish populations, while many others carry a great potential to become fishing streams once again.

With the cooperation of Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission and willing landowners, the Conservation District has recently completed stream improvements in the Hungry Run and Kishacoquillas Creek Watersheds.  Due to the success of these projects, we have begun the planning and design phase for another project in the Hungry Run Watershed and one in the upper portion of the Kishacoquillas Creek Watershed.  

Do you have streamside property holding fish populations?  Do you recall a time in the past when fishing was a possibility on your property?  

If so, contact the Conservation District, so we may schedule a visit to assess your stream conditions and potential for improvement. We also love hearing your stories about how the fishing once was and what your goals may be for the future of your cherished streamside property.  

2014 Juniata River Cleanup

This summer the Mifflin County Conservation District teamed up with three neighboring conservation districts (Perry, Juniata, Huntingdon), along with Mifflin County Cleanways and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful to complete a cleanup of the Juniata River.  The cleanup took place on four dates in four different locations and was a huge success. 

161 volunteers...

removed 7.1 tons of trash...

and 959 tires...

cleaning up 6.5 miles of river!

A giant THANK YOU to all the volunteers and those who coordinated the event!!  With so much interest and success we aspire to make this an annual event, so check back for an announcement of the 2015 Juniata River Cleanup date or contact us for details.

Congratulating Our New-er Employee on His First Year with the District

Mifflin County Conservation District congratulates Trevor Weaver for his first, highly-successful year.  Mr. Weaver serves as the District's Outreach and Technical Assistant.  He works with farmers throughout the Juniata River Basin to help them gain a better understanding of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and assist them with the adoption of these practices on their farms. His focus is on developing plans for riparian buffers and streambank fencing that will benefit the landowner, while providing important water quality benefits to the Juniata River Basin. 

Cooperation and Volunteering

Fish Habitat Rehabilitation - Water Jack

                                                                                           BEFORE                                                                                             AFTER

Members of Penns Creek Trout Unlimited, Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, Mifflin County Conservation District, and a private landowner and family worked cooperatively on this successful stream and fish habitat rehabilitation project.


Riparian Forest Buffer Video  

The Missouri and Mississippi Divide Resource Conservation & Development cover how riparian buffers cut nitrates and phosphorus from both overland flow and underground water in this three-minute, 50-second video.

Farmers in Three Watersheds Eligible for Funding

The National Resources Conservation Service has announced funding for a new water quality initiative in three Pennsylvania watersheds. NRCS is making nearly $700,000 available to farmers and forest landowners in the Upper Kishacoquillas Creek in Mifflin County, the Upper Maiden Creek in Berks and Lehigh counties, and Sacony (also spelled as "Saucony") Creek in Berks County. The watersheds were identified because conservation practices could have significant improvements on water quality, NRCS said. Funding will pay for conservation practices including cover crops, grass waterways, waste storage facilities and streambank fencing. "American farmers are good stewards of the environment, especially when they have the tools they need to protect or improve fish and wildlife habitat and water quality," said NRCS Chief Dave White. Applications for financial assistance will be accepted on a continuous basis throughout the year. Contact your local NRCS or Conservation District office to see if you are located in one of the watersheds.

**FREE** Assistance in Completing MANDATORY Manure Management Plans

For those who were unable to attend the Manure Management Manual Workshops in March 2013...

The District is offering to meet with individuals or small groups to provide FREE guidance in completing these MANDATORY manure management plans.  Please email or call us (717-248-4695) with any questions or to arrange a time to meet with one of our manure managment plan experts.    

** PA DEP revisions to the Manure Managment Plan  and the new Manure Management Plan Workbook are now available at: PA DEP Manure Management

PaOneStop: Online System for Farm Mapping and Nutrient Management and E&S Planning

Penn State Cooperative Extension has started an online software tool called PaOneStop that allows farmers to map their operations and assist with compliance on nutrient management and nutrient balance sheet regulations. PaOneStop can assist agricultural producers with field mapping, nutrient management and Erosion and Sedimentation Planning. The site displays recent satellite photos to view recent practices that are being implemented on the farm.The PaOneStop program is free of charge and does not require users to add new software. After registering, users can map their operations and produce hardcopy maps necessary for regulatory compliance. The system has aerial maps, NRCS soil maps and tools to help determine setbacks and boundaries.

Online, go to

PA Climate and Weather Data by County

Thanks to someone from a cooperating agency, the MCCD would like to make the public aware of an interesting website that provides climate and weather data at the county level.  Not only can weather related data be found for PA, but also for other regions of the United States.  Please visit the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Weather Center for more information, or to view information about PA counties, click on the following link:

Stink Bugs!

Penn State researchers have developed a website that's expected to help explain the behavior and biology of the brown marmorated stink bug. Homeowners, growers, and nursery operators are invited to participate in this "citizen science" funded by the state Agriculture Department.  People can add details about the stink bug population around them, what plants the pests are eating, and estimate how much damage the bugs are doing. It is hoped that this tool can provide a snapshot of where people see the bug and when.  Then we can interpret that to help predict which crops are at risk and when.  Although it has been about 20 years since brown marmorated stink bugs were first reported in the state, last summer was really the first time they became a widespread danger to crops. Populations are expected to increase again this year.

2015 Board Meetings

The Mifflin County Conservation District Board of Directors has regularly scheduled meetings. The meetings are open to the public. The meetings are held in the Mifflin County Conservation District Office and the schedule for 2015 is as follows:

January 20th at 10:00am; February 17th at 10:00am; March 17th at 10:00am; April 21st at 7:30pm; May 19th at 7:30pm; June 16th at 7:30pm; July 21st at 7:30pm; August 18th at 7:30pm; September 15th at 7:30pm; October 20th at 7:30pm; November 17th at 10:00am

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